About Us

Paint Therapeutics is an emerging, seed-funded biotechnology company utilizing its proprietary drug targeting algorithm to improve localization and duration of action of therapeutic agents in the tissues where they are needed most.

Paint’s conjugation-based therapeutic development platforms enable rapid generation of clinical lead compounds with new compositions of matter starting from drugs already known to be active.

Our most advanced platform, PulmoPaint™, targets diseases of the lungs, and our lead program for treatment of inflammatory lung diseases is on track for IND in 2025.

We are advancing an extensive pipeline of additional PulmoPaint™ products including immune potentiating approaches for lung-resident cancers, treatments for refractory and resistant bacterial lung infections including NTM, and preventive agents for viral respiratory infection prophylaxis.

Additional platforms under development include methods for improving brain penetration, gastrointestinal targeting, and an AI platform to enable targeting of any tissue. Paint Tx is seeking additional funding partners to continue both lead advancement and further platform development.